torsdag 26. juli 2007

What not to do to your banana

This is something I can strictly recommend that you do NOT do to your banana. This can be fatal, and absolutely no banana deserves this fate. It should be enjoyed in all manners and devoured whole or piecemeal through various means, but not to be abused like this.

onsdag 25. juli 2007

True Gay Bananas

Some say cucumbers are better, but everyone knows that is not the case. Just have a look at the evidence:

torsdag 19. juli 2007

Banana and Milk, a nutritional combination

I have always said that banana and milk goes together. This young fan of my blog certainly is one such believer. Follow his example, have a banana and then some milk. The best that mother nature can provide.

søndag 15. juli 2007

The Gay Banana's allure

The alluring sensual banana has long played a vital role in gay advertising and marketing. Two ads for New York City venues proves that bananas indeed are alluring and a great tool in attracting the RIGHT gay crowd.

Banana Lexicon

Banana - There are many uses for this word, almost all of which are obscene. However, fanatics of Barhah consider the banana to be the holiest of fruits. (from the Zombie Lexicon)

BananaRama - There are two possible interpretations of this phrase. 1) The extremely rare act of zombie sexual congress 2) The sacred zombie banana god. The following is the rumoured chant of worship to BananaRama: Harah Graznah, Harah Graznah, Graznah Graznah, Harah harah! Banana-Rama, Banana-Rama, Rama Rama, Banana nana! (from the Zombie Lexicon)

Bananabranz - Crazy, stupid, silly or confused. May also mean "dickhead", scholars are still debating this, however. (from the Zombie Lexicon)

tirsdag 26. juni 2007

Did you know....?

Did you know that over 25% of human genes are the same as those of a banana? No! So get over yourself.

søndag 10. juni 2007

Straight Banana Fans

There are even some straight banana fans. Here is a snapshot taken in 2002 of two dedicated banana worshippers. They visited earth from planet Banana.

The Circus Fantasy "Planet Banana," starring Clarke MacFarlane and Silvia Machete was presented at TNC in the fall of 2002. The TNC production was directed by Hovey Burgess.